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  • sleep balm
  • sleep balm
  • sleep balm

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Having trouble relaxing and sleeping? We have a natural solution that really works. Our Bee Essential Remedy Sleep Balm is a natural, calming, herbal sedative, made with only sleep inducing herbs of Skullcap, Melissa, Valerian, Chamomile and Hops. It takes us 2 - 3 months to make a batch of our famous sleep balm, the herbs have to gently infuse into olive oil, be strained out and added to beeswax. Just rub the balm onto pulse points wrist, earlobes and under your feet.

Benefits of key ingredients:

valerian: calming, eases anxiety

hops: helps to induce sleep

skullcap: helps with anxiety, stimulates the release of endorphins

lavender oil: calming, soothing, relaxing

melissa oil (lemon balm): mild sedative

roman chamomile oil: nature’s own sedative, muscle relaxant

Warning: Not suitable for use during pregnancy

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